April 17, 2006

Yandex.Direct Presents Autofocus

Internet, April 17, 2006. Yandex.Direct now has Autofocus — a new tool to save advertisers’ time and increase effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Yandex customers can manually specify keywords and word combinations for displaying their ads and also request that the system refine their keywords automatically.

Earlier, Yandex.Direct clients had to regularly monitor the status of their campaign and modify the phrases when needed — to improve advertising quality, Direct automatically turns off ad displays by keywords not resulting in referrals to the advertised site. Presently, keyword monitoring is performed by Autofocus system.

The function of Autofocus is based on user search query statistics. As a result of its operation, keywords and word combinations get so-called “minus words” and “plus words” in order to bring the keywords as close to the potential customer’s query as possible. As a result of such autofocusing, ad displays become more efficient, i.e. attract more target users to the advertiser’s site. In addition, eliminating unnecessary queries makes it possible to better promotional budget distribution.

“The availability of statistics of queries that had a specific advertisement displayed and clicked through makes it possible to refine the same keywords differently depending on the subject of the ads,” explains Zakhar Plusch, the leading developer of Autofocus. “For example, ‘mineral water’ word combination can advertise either mineral water deliveries or medical treatment at the Caucasian Mineral Waters health resort. With the statistical data, in the first case it is possible to rule out displays by queries about mineral water containing the words ‘Caucasian’, ‘city’, or ‘airport’; and in the second case – to exclude queries with the words ‘office’, ‘market’, ‘drinking’. Therefore, advertisers can avoid having keywords turned off because of low click through rates and lessen price competition for non-target queries.”

Yandex.Direct is a system for search ads placement at Yandex pages and Yandex Advertising Network participant sites. The system tools are being continuously improved: client campaign statistics now features additional reports like regional and participant stats, helping fine tune ad displays. Moreover, it is now possible to customize settings for each advertisement individually and for the campaign as a whole. Today, Yandex.Direct simultaneously holds 15,000 advertising campaigns by more than 300,000 keywords.

Elena Kolmanovskaya, Chief Editor
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