February 21, 2006

Yandex Search Tests: 24-7

Internet, February 21, 2006. Yandex opens a new season of search tests within the framework of the Yandex Cup project. The tests are designed for schoolchildren and students, and can also be of interest to those who are taking their first steps in the Internet.

Last year, search tests were held according to schedule. Now you can test yourself in speed Internet search and get a certificate any time, whenever you have free 30 minutes. This means that, for example, computer science teachers can hold half-hour contests during their classes. The tests have the format of the first tour of Yandex Cup. Each participant gets a set of 10 randomly chosen questions and has 3 minutes to find an answer to each of them. The answers are checked automatically. After the game, the participants can print out certificates with their results.

“2005 was the year of grand tours for Yandex Cup”, comments Natalia Ostasheva, head of search competitions. “We traveled all over the country, holding search competitions in cities from Khabarovsk to Saint Petersburg. Following our discussions with teachers, we came to a conclusion that permanent access to search tests on the net is needed and will enjoy high demand.”

The Yandex Cup Administration will review the results on a monthly basis and announce what schools were the most active.

The first Internet search competition was held by Yandex in 2001. In summer 2003, Yandex published a competition methodology under a copyleft license (GNU Free Documentation License). Since then, search competitions by Yandex methodology were held in many regions and countries.

For the rules of search tests, visit the official Yandex Cup site: http://kubok.yandex.ru.

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