January 19, 2006

Yandex Supports “Right” Internet Tariffs

Internet, January 19, 2006. Yandex will help ISPs providing cheap and quality Internet access inform millions of users about their services. Today, Yandex launched Yandex.Tarif — a project to promote broadband Internet access.

The project includes two types of offers: tariffs named as ‘Yandex.Tarif’ and ‘Candidate tariffs’. ‘Yandex.Tarif’ is an unlimited Internet access offer with a fixed subscriber fee not exceeding $30 per month and data transmission speed at 128 Kbit/s and more. Offers with relevant technical specifications, but priced slightly higher than the stipulated margin, fall under the category of ‘Candidate tariffs’. On the site tarif.yandex.ru, the users will have a possibility to choose the most convenient tariffs for their region. As broadband access in Russia develops, the parameters of Yandex.Tarif will be revised.

It is well-known that people having permanent connection are much more active in using the Internet. For example, at Yandex an average dialup (“low-speed”) user visits 14 pages a day, whereas for a broadband user this figure is almost double. Almost half of the Internet population of Russia could get a connection with Yandex.Tarif: listed options are already offered by ISPs in Moscow, the Moscow region, and St. Petersburg.

“Development of cheap and unlimited broadband Internet access is good both for users and for site creators. You can say that it is about Yandex's material interest, too,” states Arkadiy Volozh, Yandex CEO. “This year, lots of providers in many cities will start offering ‘right’ tariffs. We launch Yandex.Tarif in order to keep track of this fascinating process, as we are convinced that even observation itself can speed it up.”

Today, Yandex.Tarif project includes six cities and 20 ISPs. All ISPs offering ‘Yandex.Tarif’ or even ‘Candidate tariffs’ are welcome to join the project.

Yandex.Tarif continues the initiative of Yandex to promote the idea of countrywide Internet access. The first project in this line was Yandex.WiFi, started eighteen months ago. It currently unites more than 200 free wireless access points in 15 cities.

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