October 21, 2005

Yandex to share its revenues and ads

Internet, October 21, 2005. Yandex launches a program of business cooperation in search engine advertisement. Large sites in the Runet can now make money from the most popular type of online advertisement, while advertisers get a means to expand their target audience.

The partnership is structured in the following way: Yandex provides the technology, client base, and capability to sell paid search, while the partner provides its audience.

The revenue is split in half. Under the program, Yandex provides free search service to partner sites (Yandex.XML).

“As an advertising medium, Yandex has attracted advertisers’ attention for a long time now,” indicates Olga Zborovskaya, Yandex manager for cooperation with partner sites. “We value our customers and are prepared to expand only under condition that it doesn’t hurt the quality of advertising communication. Therefore, development of our partnership program will be gradual and prudent.”

Websites with substantial audiences and monthly traffic reaching hundreds of thousand of users are invited to participate in the program. Applications are welcomed to support@partners.yandex.ru.

Yandex first placed paid search results at a partner site a year ago, under an agreement with Auto.ru. Recently, the Yellow Pages also became a partner site. Starting from today, Yandex.Direct advertisements will be displayed at two largest Belarusian portals, tut.by and all.by, and also at 3dnews.ru, an online periodical on computer technologies.

Today, Yandex.Direct simultaneously holds more than 10,000 advertising campaigns by over 200,000 keywords. A month ago, a new “Carefree” tariff was introduced, so in addition to running a campaign on one’s own, there is now an option to pass the task over to the Yandex Sales Department.

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