October 14, 2005

Yandex.Direct Expands Advertising Opportunities

Internet, October 14, 2005. The customers of Yandex.Direct can now place their ads above Yandex search results. Agencies selling search engine advertising now get a handy interface allowing them to conduct advertising campaigns at Yandex.Direct and get commission fees.

Advertisement above search results (the so-called Special Placement) used to be paid per view. Often advertisers were not able to spend their advertising budget in full. For most popular keywords, several ads were displayed in turn on the same spot. That is no longer a problem: Yandex.Direct uses a system of auction bids (the customer can set the cost per click to the advertised site) to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding advertisers.

“The spot above search results is the first thing that catches the user’s eye,” explains Alexey Tretyakov, Chief Commercial Officer of Yandex. “Therefore, in selecting ads for Special Placement, the click through rate (CTR) is much more important than in the ‘regular’ placement on the right-hand side of search results. We believe that this advantageous position should only be used for the most relevant advertisements, which best meet our audience’s expectations.”

The selection of advertisements displayed at Special Placement depends both on keywords and on the CTR of an ad, which is habitual for all users of Yandex.Direct. Running an ad in Special Placement through Direct is much cheaper than paying for it per view.

Another novelty in Yandex.Direct is a new specialized ‘agent’ interface. Advertising agencies and web-studios selling search engine advertisement can now easily manage the campaigns of all their clients. And for the first time, ad placement via Yandex.Direct will generate commission fees.

Special Placement is a type of context-sensitive advertisement at Yandex. Due to very advantageous location (when the search results page appears, the user's focus is right there), such advertisement provides excellent effectiveness (high CTR), while the premium position combines sales-generating advertising with branding.

Yandex.Direct is a service for placing search advertisement. Presently, Yandex.Direct simultaneously holds more than 10,000 advertising campaigns by over 200,000 keywords. A month ago, a new "Carefree" tariff was introduced, so in addition to running a campaign on one’s own, there is now an option to pass the task over to the Yandex Sales Department.

Elena Kolmanovskaya, Chief Editor
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