Our Principles

We support competition and stand for equal conditions for everyone. We don't want to infringe on the rights of our competitors. We want to win, but we want to win fairly. We believe that any terms and conditions should apply equally to all players on the market, including Yandex.
We support competition on both the global and local markets. We are against fragmentation of the internet and avoid making decisions that may contribute to this. Global competition helps us grow stronger and promotes the global market as a whole.
When hiring someone from a rival company, it is purely to strengthen our own team with a qualified professional, not to gather competitive intelligence. We respect everyone else's NDA as much as our own.
We do not publicly criticize our competitors or their products. We are responsible only for our own products and services, and can speak only about them.
Any legally operating business can place their ads on Yandex as part of our standard offering. We believe that it is fair for us to have the opportunity to promote our products and services on those platforms that advertise on ours.
We believe that competing services should be just a click away, so that the user could quickly switch to another provider at any moment if they are unhappy with the service. We do not prevent our users from switching to other providers or from receiving information about another company’s products or services. The Yandex search results page, for instance, has been linking users to other search engines for over twenty years.
We rank search results based on how useful they are to each individual user: how well a user’s task can be solved by a specific result in that position, along with other elements. Yandex services are also ranked according to this principle.
We believe that the user has the right to choose which services to use ‘by default’, and we oppose market practices that restrict this freedom.

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