Our Principles

We only use our users’ data to create new services for them and improve those that already exist. We never sell any user data to anyone.
Storing large amounts of data, such as what our users look for on the Internet using our search engine, involves a great deal of responsibility. The security of our users’ data is our priority. We carefully protect the data of our users and treat it with the utmost care.
If we are required to disclose our user information at the request of a law enforcement agency, we do so in strict accordance with the law and only to the minimum extent necessary. We only consider requests from government agencies that come through official communication channels and meet all formal requirements. We publish reports about the number of such requests every six months on our company website

Yandex LLC

Head office in Russia: Moscow

Head office
16, Leo Tolstoy St., Moscow, Russia 119021
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Yandex N.V.

Registered office in Amsterdam

Schiphol Boulevard 165, 1118 BG Schiphol, The Netherlands
Official Telegram channel for individual investors (in Russian only)